Criminal Defense Attorney in Tempe, Arizona

Once you feel the cold metal of handcuffs around your wrists and the backseat of a police car, your life is derailed and you will have to navigate the complexities of the justice system. For your best chance at a favorable outcome, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney to advocate for your rights and your freedom. I have the knowledge and experience to protect your name and your reputation as your legal advocate. 

The Right Criminal Defense Attorney for You

I got into law to protect others and help them through the justice system and fight for their rights and freedom. The notorious OJ Simpson case was an interesting case study for me as I worked with a specialist attorney for temporary insanity claims. My interest in the law and its intricacies drives my continuous pursuit of legal education and skill. 

You deserve an attorney whose practice is dedicated to serving the needs of others and one who will put your best interests above his/her own. That’s exactly what I will do as your attorney.

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Criminal Defense Cases

In my practice, I have focused my skill set in the following areas:

  • DUI Defense
    • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and further offenses
  • Weapons Charges
    • Possession of a firearm
    • Discharge or use of a firearm
    • Special circumstance weapon charges

I also have extensive experience with other felony and misdemeanor charges, and I am prepared to answer any questions you have. I can help craft strong strategies for your defense. 

What You Should Know If You Are Arrested

In the moment of your arrest, there is undoubtedly some confusion and possibly chaos. Those present when you are arrested may make the situation worse by trying to insert themselves into the situation in an attempt to help you. It is important that you follow these steps to alleviate some of that chaos and to avoid further charges:

  1. Remain calm and encourage those around you to do so.
  2. Do not resist arrest as this will lead to further charges.
  3. Remain silent. 
  4. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney.

In my pursuit of helping others through situations where they have been arrested, charged, or jailed, I want to be your first call so I can begin helping you immediately. Any delay in retaining legal services can have negative effects later on. 

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Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Tempe, Arizona

Have you been arrested? Charged with a crime? Have you already been through the system and need an experienced lawyer to take your case?

Will my skills and knowledge working for you, I can help you pursue the best possible outcome in your case while protecting your rights, and advocating for your freedom and your reputation. Call me today!